Where There Are Dreams There Are Dragons, Vol. 1 (Sample Pack)
Where There Are Dreams There Are Dragons, Vol. 1 (Sample Pack)

Where There Are Dreams There Are Dragons, Vol. 1 (Sample Pack)

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Where There Are Dreams There Are Dragons, Vol. 1 is an experimental album and sample pack consisting of 11 original compositions by A Thousand Faces. A new collective formed by Mick Schultz and KAMAUU.

The entire album was made at Mick's studio in Los Angeles. The project blends World and African music with modern and experimental production. Driven by captivating vocals and unique sound design you will hear a very diverse influence of genres and sonics.

This pack has over 150 individual stems for the ultimate flexibility in sampling and finding inspiration. Many compositions run up to 4:30 minutes long taking you to a completely different place musically than when the song started. This gives you endless options and possibilities for finding unique moments and making something your own.

All stems are BPM and key labeled and are available in 24bit/44.1 WAV. This pack is not royalty free and must be cleared for any and all commercial use.

Master Clearance Guaranteed.


- Hardware: Neve 1073, Chandler TG2, API 3124, John Hardy M1, Avalon 737, CL1b, Stereo Distressors, Zulu, Tascam Portastudio 414 Cassette, Silverbullet MKII

- Mics: Sony C800g, Wunder CM7, Blue Kiwi, Shure SM7b, MD 421, Stereo AKG 414s, Neumann KM 184, iPhone 13 & 15 Pro

- Guitars: Fender Strat, Cordoba Esteso Nylon Guitar, Martin D-42, David Newton Dread, Taylor 615ce Acoustic, Fender Jazz Bass

- Synths: Moog One, Moog Voyager, Prophet 10, Juno 60, Sequential OB6, Mellotron 4000d, UDO Super 6

- Pedals: Chase Bliss (Thermae, Gen Loss MKII, Habit, Mood), Microcosm, Count To 5, Shallow Water, Red Panda Tensor, GameChanger Spring Verb, Strymon (Riverside, Big Sky, Deco) & More

Album Credits:

Produced By Mick Schultz & KAMAUU

Written By Mick Schultz & KAMAUU

All Vocals By KAMAUU

Instruments and Programming By Mick Schultz

Percussion By KAMAUU

Mixed & Engineered By Mick Schultz

Mastered By Rafeal “Anthem” Brown for Punch Mastering