Mick Schultz is a multi-diamond selling, 5x Grammy Nominated producer. He produced Jeremih's breakout album and sophomore album including the Billboard #1 hit "Birthday Sex" and 6x platinum selling "Down On Me" featuring 50 Cent. In 2014, recording in Malibu, Mick and Jeremih followed up their success with the 5x platinum hit Don't Tell 'Em which was produced and vocal produced by Mick. He also produced Zendaya's 3x platinum single Replay during that time.

Mick produced Rihanna's "Desperado" from her 2016 critically acclaimed album ANTI. He received a Grammy nomination for his work. He received another grammy nomination in 2018 for his work on Kelly Clarkson's Gold selling album Meaning Of Life, in which he produced the songs "Heat" and "Medicine"

In 2023 Mick produced a song on Diddy's The Love Album: Off The Grid entitled "Boo Hoo" which also received a Grammy nomination. He received two more nominations for Burna Boy's single "City Boys" and Burna Boy's album "I Told Them".

He has also worked and produced for SoMo ("Ride"), DDG, KYLE & Chris Brown, KAMAUU, Abir, Stanai, and others.